Workshop on Possible Parity Restoration at High Energy 
Jun. 11-12,   2007,  IHEP,  Beijing





    The Workshop will examine the possibility that parity symmetry, which is maximally broken at low energy, is restored at high energy. Theories of parity restoration will be explored together with the present experimental constraints and how evidence for parity restoration could be found in the next generation of experiments.

    It is the tradition of the high energy physics community to cooperate and support each other. By hosting this Workshop, IHEP hopes to provide a stage for academic exchanges and to further strengthen cooperation among physicists in our international community.

    You are warmly welcome to Beijing and attending the PPRHE07!

                                              Co-chairs:      Hesheng Chen         Fred Gilman

 Sponsors:        CAS                  CCAST                  IHEP              Tsinghua