Workshop on Possible Parity Restoration at High Energy 
Jun. 11-12,   2007,  IHEP,  Beijing

       Tours ....

      A one-day tour will be organized on June 13th, 2007, the arrangements are: 

      1. Tour routes : the Great Wall in the morning, the Forbidden City in the afternoon 

          Departure time: 08:00am 

          Boarding place: Lobby of Holiday Inn 

      2. Tour reservation 

          You need to reserve the tours in advance by sending an e-mail to: 

          Mr. Zhang Jinjun at 

      3. Costs

          Tours are free for workshop speakers and those who have paid the registration fee. 

          Other interested people need to pay 240 Chinese RMB for the Great Wall 

           and 150 RMB for the Forbidden City.